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"The German Pinscher is a medium size, short coated dog, elegant in appearance with a strong square build and moderate body structure, muscular and powerful for endurance and agility."

Official standard of the German Pinscher: Appearance

"Energetic, watchful, alert, agile, fearless, determined, intelligent and loyal, the German Pinscher has the prerequisites to be an excellent watchdog and companion."

Official standard of the German Pinscher: Character

"Beautiful, deep red colour"

     "Excellent proportions of chest"

        "Excellent, masculine head"

    "Elegantly arched, strong neck"

 "Very friendly, energetic and vivacious character"

       "Very attractive overall impression"

  "Very muscular"

     "Elegant, powerful and uninhibited gait"

 "Strong square-built dog"

  "Excellent bone strength"

"Excellent top-line"

Quotes from judge reports of Dark Angels Making Me Stronger

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